A Day in the Life

William Zutavern Cattle Company
Cow/Calf Operation

“With each generation, folks are getting further removed from the agriculture industry with these tours, I hope to help connect people back to the farm.”

As is the case with many cattle operations in America, leaving a lasting legacy is of the utmost importance for the William Zutavern Cattle Company—and they are certainly well on their way. In operation as a cow/calf rancher and custom backgrounder since the 1890s, William Zutavern Cattle Company is proud to be a part of the On the Ranch tours.

William Zutavern Cattle Company understands that identifying and using practices that preserve and use the land and resources responsibly is not only the right thing to do for the planet, but a necessity for the long-term sustainability of their ranch. Recently, they designated and planted areas of tree growth to protect the land and through their respect and enjoyment of wildlife created fishponds on their operation to help promote more wildlife activity.

Currently, there are four generations on the ranch working with 1,500 head of cattle. “My goal is to hand down the ranch to my son, and I am willing to do whatever it takes to make it the best ranch for him,” says Shawn Zutavern, owner.
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