A Day in the Life

The Cooksleys
Cow/Calf Operation

“We are looking forward to visiting with folks we might not otherwise be able to reach to discuss some of the different practices on our ranch.”

In the beautiful Sand Hills of Nebraska, six generations of cattle ranchers are hard at work being everyday environmentalists. The Cooksleys graze their cattle on native grass covering the fragile sand dunes. Plant biodiversity allows for flexible and rotational grazing. Proper grazing also encourages the growth of healthy riparian areas near water which leads to less soil erosion and soil runoff. On the Cooksley ranch, water is provided to the herds via windmills drawing water out of wells.

George and Barb Cooksley consider themselves a family ranch with 800-900 head of cattle on 18,000 acres and are thrilled that family members have decided to come back to the ranch after college to continue the family tradition.
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