Featured Speakers

Dan Glickman, Former Secretary of Agriculture 

Steve Foglesong, Rancher

Suzy Friedman, Environmental Defense Fund

Tony Hall, The Alliance to End Hunger

How do we feed future generations? 

Our 21st century challenge to raise enough food to feed a growing global population is complex—we must increase food production, while decreasing the environmental footprint of agriculture. Feeding future generations in a way that preserves our natural resources will require new, innovative crop and livestock production methods. As the population continues to rapidly expand, how can the food industry, including the beef industry, continue to provide safe, high-quality, and nutritious foods, in a way that does not strain our natural resources?

To explore this topic further, The Atlantic, with underwriting support from The Beef Checkoff, brought together experts to engage in a panel discussion “Feeding Future Generations: Supporting Sustainable Global Food Production” in Washington, D.C., in October 2011. Watch the discussion videos below, or read the event recap here.

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