A Day in the Life

Darr Feedlot

"At Darr, we pay extremely careful attention to providing the best care for our cattle. After all, our job is to produce high quality beef for consumers worldwide."

Darr Feedlot is owned by local cattlemen with years of experience who understand their Platte River Valley region and the resources available. Understanding that the step from pasture to the plate is a very delicate and critical one Darr Feedlot takes every measure to maximize comfort and health of their animals.

Animal health and nutrition are Darr Feedlot’s top priorities. Their consulting veterinarians and nutritionist, preventative programs and membership in the Beef Safety Assurance Program all work together to ensure that they provide consumers with the highest quality product. They perform extensive preventative programs to help lower sickness and mortality rates.

Darr Feedlot is committed to keeping their facilities up to date, clean and safe not only for the cattle, but also for their personnel and visitors.

Specialists in cattle feeding, marketing, Certified Angus Beef and contracting, Darr Feedlots is excited to welcome On the Ranch tour participants.
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